Review is one of the best sex dating sites in the world because it has a big female database – this adult dating site has managed to attract a large number of women who want to find sex online because it was featured on mainstream media such as Yahoo! SexFinder offers a ton of great features designed to help you really get to know your potential sex partners instead of just swiping right and hoping you haven’t been catfished.

Getting Started

Sex Finder is one of the best sex dating sites in the world because it has a big female database – this adult dating site has managed to attract a large number of women who want to find sex online because it was featured on mainstream media such as Yahoo!


> Create a dating profile with one photo or multiple photos.

> Add information such as gender, age, dating preferences, what you’re looking for from this sex dating site, etc.

> Take a wide range of personality tests and interest tests, e.g. a purity test and a personality test. Results from these tests will help members to find other users according to compatibility.

> Video chat allows members to talk to each other on webcam for more personal, private and instant communication. Cyber-sex has been made easy for everyone. This allows users to meet each other online before deciding meeting each other in person. Usually, if cyber-sex is good, they can meet offline later and have an even better time.

> Sex Finder is also a mobile-friendly hook up dating site, so members can use it on their phones easily. Many sex dating websites don’t have mobile apps because iTunes usually don’t allow adult dating apps to be there. Free speech isn’t free.


* Unlike mainstream dating products such as Tinder and Bumble which ask people to join their communities with your Facebook account, Sex Finder allows users to use an alias in the community, though a user has to use their real information while creating an account when they sign up. Also, a user can hide their dating profile from random visitors.

* With over 40 million users in total, Sex Finder has a much bigger database compared to most casual dating sites. Therefore, finding hook-ups is extremely easy on Sex Finder.

* Women on Sex Finder are legitimate members looking for sex online. This is very important on a casual dating site.


This sex dating website isn’t cheap. But its target audience are people who don’t need to worry about survival, meaning those who already have financial security have the time and money to look for sex online. People who are worried about money wouldn’t be interested in looking for hook-up on the Internet because they are probably looking for jobs or sugar daddies/sugar mommas now.

A free member can’t do much. In order to access the majority of its features, a user has to become a paid member.


Basic membership is free, but a user can’t really send messages to others with a basic membership.

Gold Membership
1 month $40
3 months $81
12 months $240

Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice, so if a user decides to join Sex Finder today, they would be well-advised to check out this casual dating website’s pricing page first.

Editor’s notes:

Sex Finder is run by a seasoned team that has been in the online dating industry for a very long time. Hence, they know how to find the right people to join their adult dating website. For instance, they have joined campaigns such as “quit smoking for a better sex life” and “compare your sex life with others’ sex lives”. This is their advanced PR strategy to attract more high-quality members regularly. That’s why the quality of their members is very high. Clearly, the Media Relations Manager of Sex Finder must be a very intelligent person.

Although this casual dating website has a large number of female members, men still need to work hard in order to get laid in record time, because the competition amongst men is always fierce on any hook up dating site. For example, if you send 300 emails to women on this sex dating website, you can expect 233 responses. Among these 233 women, 14 of them will want to meet you in person. Usually, 11 of them will actually meet you in real life. 8 of them will sleep with you. Therefore, if a guy only sends 10 emails to 10 women and gets no result, he shouldn’t blame women or Sex Finder because he clearly doesn’t want to work for the results. Actually, sending hundreds of emails isn’t hard because all you need to do is to write a generic email and tweak a part of it before sending it to a woman on this sex dating site.

Please note that women are just as horny as men, if not hornier than men, because women’s sexuality is contextual and they can be aroused very easily. Some women can be sexually aroused by looking at the sunset or a flower, which is unbelievable, but psychologists claim that’s true. Every man should remember this fact while using a casual dating website.

Editor’s conclusion:

Sex Finder is one of the best adult dating sites on the market because it has a big database which includes many women looking for fun online – this isn’t very common among hookup dating sites, because most casual dating websites have more men than women and only sugar daddy dating sites have more women than men. Obviously, men look for reproduction value in women, whereas women look for survival value in men. Overall, we’d likely to highly recommend Sex Finder to people who are looking for some sexy action online.