Review is the Internet’s best adultery website for married people to look for affairs online. Launched in 2001, this sex dating website has become the most influential affairs dating site in the world. Ashley Madison was created as the first website that was open and honest about what you could find there: like-minded people looking for married dating. As a place free of judgement, Ashley Madison revolves around the idea that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in private. it has since evolved to be so much more. Their motto: Life is short. Have an affair.

Getting Started

Ashley Madison is the Internet’s best adultery website for married people to look for affairs online. Launched in 2001, this sex dating website has become the most influential affairs dating site in the world. Their motto: Life is short. Have an affair.


> Ashley Madison is not only a casual hook up site, but also an affairs app. Therefore, it’s very user-friendly.

> It’s an ad-free dating platform – its interface is tidy and clean.

> A user can write feedback on another user’s profile (e.g. gives great conversations, pursues sexual fantasies, worth the time, and so on).

> Profile IDs replace usernames. In this way, members’ privacy is very well protected – nobody knows a particular member is on this sex dating site.

> Travel plans allow users to hook up in other cities easily.

> Check boxes let users indicate their sexual preferences and dating preferences, i.e. hopelessly romantic, kinky, and so forth.

> See who’s viewed your dating profile.

> Advanced search function allows members to look for exactly what they want.

> Each profile shows feedback ranking from other members.

> Text messages allow members to communicate with each other any time.

> Virtual gifts help users to break the ice easily.

Members can even have phone conversations on this adult dating site.


* A user can delete their photos any time. This dating profile’s ranking in search results won’t be affected by lack of photos.

* As the winner of Trust Security Award, Ashley Madison uses the most advanced technology to protect their members’ personal information.

* It’s very safe to use because no one is embarrassed if their browser’s search history includes “Ashley Madison” – these are just two ordinary names – both Ashley and Madison can be male or female names. Therefore, even if a member’s kids see this term in browsing history on the computer, they can’t do anything, for “Ashley Madison” can be anyone’s names. Having said that, we don’t recommend people to show this sex dating site to their children deliberately.


Ashley Madison was hacked by people who were jealous of their huge success in 2015. Those mean hackers told Ashley Madison to shut down this adultery dating site because if they don’t shut it down, hackers will immediately release its members’ names, credit card numbers and addresses. That was a big threat. Yet the CEO of Ashley Madison handled that problem extremely well and this sex dating site hired a sophisticated IT team to ensure its safety.

Ashley Madison is not cheap. However, most individuals looking for affairs are wealthy people, as the poor wouldn’t have the bandwidth to savor affairs – that’s a luxury. The poor can’t even find a partner in many cases. That’s why poor people are usually on free dating sites to look for “love” which is a concept created by the poor. The rich believe in personal satisfaction and mutual benefits because the rich are winners who understand how to create win-win situations. (Disclaimer: these opinions are provided by third-party sources and do not represent the editor’s opinion, our websites’ opinion or Ashley Madison’s opinion.)

This sex dating website has many more male members than female members, which is understandable because men are biologically programmed to hook up with multiple women. That being said, women on Ashley Madison are already ready to hook up with married men, so they are qualified leads for men looking for affairs online.

Ashley Madison’s ideology may cause more broken hearts because it challenges the traditional marriage institution which is probably not suitable in modern-day society, as evidenced by the high divorce rate in this day and age. If most couples will break up anyway, Ashley Madison probably isn’t the reason why couples can’t maintain their relationships/marriages.


Basic membership is free, but a user can’t really send messages to others with a basic membership.

Gold Membership
Free trial: 7 day
Introductory package: $59
Elite package: $169
Affair guarantee package: $289

It seems that monthly subscription fee isn’t its business model.

Editor’s notes:

Inspired by Bridges of Madison County (a famous novel and a popular movie in the 90s), Ashley Madison let the world know that people don’t have to live a boring life like that Italian housewife did & her four-day affair was the only highlight in her life, which is very sad. In fact, everyone deserves to enjoy life right now instead of postponing happiness and fun.

Actually, having an affair may improve an individual’s marriage because that is a way to find some balance in an existing marriage – when someone is very bored, they might hate their partner. Hence, affairs can calm everyone down and relax a person’s body & mind, so that they can have the energy to maintain their marriage. A good example is the story in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (a movie which shows you why a traditional marriage isn’t the best option for everyone).

Ashley Madison’s advertising strategies are diverse. First of all, people may see it on public transport because people have free speech in western countries. Second, is a domain name bought by Ashley Madison & this website is also built by Ashley Madison to show the general public testimonials regarding Ashley Madison’s effectiveness. Last but not least, this casual dating site has been featured on mainstream media such as ABC and The Guardian. Some people may wonder why the mainstream media want to feature a hook up site – the reason is simple: mainstream media want to attract attention & Ashley Madison is provocative enough.

Editor’s conclusion:

With 39 million members in 53 countries, Ashley Madison is the world’s No. 1 adult dating website. Actually, it is much more successful than most mainstream dating sites because traditional dating websites can’t keep their members for a long time – once a user has found someone on a traditional dating site, they will delete their dating profile immediately. In contrast, a lot of users on Ashley Madison stay in this community for many years. Some members have been using this adult dating site for nearly 17 years. They claim that Ashley Madison is the reason why they are not divorced – they don’t need a divorce in order to feel good.